Will there be an additional batch of tickets?

No, there won't be another batch of tickets. 2-day tickets and Saturday tickets are already sold out. We encourage you to buy tickets for Sunday.

Can the data on the ticket be changed?

Yes. Just write an e-mail to [email protected], specifying the order number and the data you want to change. In the title, please write "Change of data".

Can a minor come to the event?

Yes, however, it must be under the care of an adult.

Can I come with my dog to ULTRACE?

You can come with a small dog, but we believe that crowded and noisy places are a source of stress for animals and not a suitable place for them.

Are there any discounts for children?

Children up to 7 years of age enter the event for free, under the supervision of adults

Can I enter the event with food and drinks?

No. There will be a food court in the event area.

Can I go outside during the event?

Yes. You must have a special wristband that allows you to enter and exit the facility.

Will there be parking spaces for viewers?

Yes. Multi-storey car park from. Al. Śląska, parking lot at the railway station at ul. Lotnicza and the parking lot under the AOW at ul. Maślicka


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